Tooth Extractions

There are a number of different situations that might call for oral surgery, and Dr. Jonathan Cantrell can perform them here at our Wylie, Texas family dental office. We build close relationships with our patients, and they take comfort in knowing that even complex oral healthcare needs can be attended to at Cantrell Family Dentistry.

Why might you need oral surgery? Oral surgery may be recommended in cases of:

One of the most common oral surgeries is tooth extraction.  Dr. Jonathan may suggest an extraction if you have severe or untreated gum disease, severe decay, an infection, impacted teeth, untreated dental disease. At Cantrell Family Dentistry, we can perform tooth extraction oral surgery for many of our patients, reducing the need to refer you to another office where you’re not so acquainted with the team.

Tooth extraction can be a complicated process, especially if the tooth is broken at or below the gum line. Dr. Cantrell will always take great care to successfully perform these extractions, and if necessary, we may refer you to an office that specializes in oral surgery.

Other oral surgeries can include gum grafting when gum disease has done an extensive amount of damage and bone grafting for building up deteriorated jaw bone. Dr. Cantrell may find it necessary to refer you to a trusted colleague for some oral surgery procedures; you can trust Cantrell Family Dentistry to always do what’s best for your oral health.

To begin building your relationship with Cantrell Family Dentistry, contact us and make an appointment. We provide general, cosmetic, restorative, and children’s general dentistry for Wylie, Sachse, and Murphy families. Your oral health and the oral health of your family are extremely important to us, and we offer a full range of treatments to support your smile and the smiles of those you love most.

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