Gleaming Smiles with Teeth Whitening in Wylie

Have a big event coming up? Visit Cantrell Family Dentistry!

When you have a big event on the horizon – a wedding, prom, or job interview – you want to look your best. Who wouldn’t? And who wouldn’t like a whiter smile to be part of their overall makeover? To look your best when smiling in pictures and meeting new people, consider professional teeth whitening at Cantrell Family Dentistry in Wylie, Texas.

We offer in-office teeth whitening, which is great for those who want to quickly improve their smile’s brilliance. With in-office teeth whitening, just one visit to Cantrell Family Dentistry can get your smile several shades brighter. An in-office teeth whitening session makes a great gift for your wedding party or your child’s graduation.

In-office professional teeth whitening has advantages over the store bought teeth whitening products that have become popular in the last few years. The results are more consistent, and you’ll get your smile several shades whiter with professional teeth whitening than you could with over-the-counter whiteners. Also, in-office teeth whitening works much more quickly than over-the-counter systems. Because the treatment is provided by a dentist, you can have a complete oral exam before beginning your teeth whitening procedure. This exam is important; teeth whitening isn’t recommended for people with certain types of oral health problems, so we can help you get back to health prior to whitening your teeth if necessary. We can also provide adequate protection for your gums, which can be sensitive to the teeth whitening agent.

What causes teeth to become stained? Everyone’s teeth discolor with time, which is why almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening treatment. Smoking, dark foods and beverages, medications, and dental injury also all have an effect on the color of your tooth enamel. The aging process itself can cause the teeth to discolor too; all in all, stains are inescapable. However, with regular trips to Cantrell Family Dentistry for in-office teeth whitening, you can enjoy a bright smile once again.

Dr. Cantrell may recommend teeth whitening prior to procedures like porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, or porcelain crowns. Teeth will not match the natural-looking dental restorations if teeth whitening is performed after they are placed.

For patients from Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, and surrounding north Texas communities, Cantrell Family Dentistry offers cosmetic dentistry that includes in-office teeth whitening and more. Our office is a full-service family dental practice, offering general, restorative, and children’s general dentistry as well. If you’re looking for a practice that will cover all of your oral health needs while also offering the smile makeover treatments you desire, turn to the team at Cantrell Family Dentistry. Contact us today!

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