Restorative Dentistry Restoring Smiles

At Cantrell Family Dentistry, we repair damaged smiles for lasting health.

Restorative dentistry is the branch of dental care that involves attending to damage or disease of the teeth. Dr. Jonathan Cantrell offers various restorative dental treatments for adults, repairing and replacing damaged and missing teeth with attractive results. We provide metal-free materials for natural-looking restorations, such as tooth-colored fillings for cavities and porcelain dental crowns.

Time takes a toll on all smiles, and most people will find themselves in need of some form of restorative dentistry before too long. What is restorative dentistry? This branch of dental care is focused on treating disease, repairing damage, and strengthening smiles for long-term function. At Cantrell Family Dentistry in Wylie, Texas, we provide various restorative dental care treatments so that we can make sure that you and your family continue smiling through all the changes and phases of life.

“White fillings,” also called composite fillings, are made from tooth-colored materials that restore the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth. Because they blend well with tooth enamel and don’t look like fillings, they help create a more pleasing, natural looking smile. We know that many modern dental patients expect their restorative dentistry options to include tooth-colored white fillings; why should your cavity repair at Cantrell Family Dentistry be anything less than beautiful?

Repairing and Replacing Teeth

For teeth that have fractured, chipped, or contain significant decay, we may suggest several crown options. One of those options might be a natural looking a porcelain crown, a metal-free option. Porcelain is often used to craft dental crowns because this material so closely mimics natural tooth enamel, making it a more attractive choice.

In cases where missing teeth or non-restorable teeth need removing, we may suggest any of the following: an implant, bridge, partial denture or a full denture. Dr. Jonathan will discuss with you the restorative dentistry options that fit your oral condition.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Many of our patients have one or more silver-colored amalgam fillings in their smile line. These metal filling materials were relied upon for decades to provide adequate restoration for small chips and cracks or minor decay. While amalgam fillings are durable, they do noticeably mar patients’ smiles. Additionally, small amounts of healthy dental structure are removed to create wedges in the tooth enamel that hold amalgam fillings in place.

Today, we typically recommend composite resin fillings. These tooth-colored materials look completely natural, and they offer a more conservative solution since no healthy tooth structure is removed in order to place these fillings. Instead, the putty-like composite resin is applied directly to the damaged tooth. Then, we shape the composite into position and harden the filling in place using a curing light. Once in position, the filling looks and feels just like your natural dental structure, and because the filling material seeps into the smallest dental crevices, the result is a stronger, more natural bond that strengthens the damaged tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is another commonly performed procedure for infected teeth. In fact, root canal therapy is often used to help patients avoid tooth extraction. Untreated decay will reach the pulp (the nerve) and cause an infection or abscess in your jaw. 

If you have pain or sensitivity to cold, hot or sweets, make an appointment at Cantrell Family Dentistry for an evaluation.

Contact Cantrell Family Dentistry to make an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Cantrell. Our general, cosmetic, children’s general, and restorative dentistry services will keep your family’s oral health covered, ensuring that you and your loved ones maintain healthy smiles for years to come. Our office serves Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, and beyond, helping patients from our north Texas area and offering complete family dental care to our friends and neighbors. You can become part of our family with a visit to Cantrell Family Dentistry.

Dental Implants

When replacing missing teeth, traditional restoration options only restored those parts of teeth visible above the smile line. While this was an effective means of restoring the appearance and partial function of patients’ smiles, these tooth replacement solutions do not replace the lost root structure of teeth. Dental implants allow our team to replace the entire tooth from the roots up. Crafted from high quality, biocompatible titanium, dental implant posts closely mimic the natural structure and function of tooth roots. This versatile tooth replacement solution can be used as part of a tooth replacement solution for any number of teeth from a single tooth to a full arch of teeth. Completed over two phases, dental implant posts are placed, and once these prosthetic tooth roots have fused with the jawbone, patients can return to our office where we’ll attach one or more replacement teeth. There is a larger time and financial commitment compared with other tooth replacement solutions, but the results are more natural and longer lasting.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Partial and full dentures are recommended for those patients who have experienced more advanced tooth loss. Partials are used to replace a number of teeth along an arch, filling the gaps in patients’ smiles. Full dentures are used to replace an entire arch of teeth. We offer traditional crowns and bridges, as well as dental implant supported prosthetics.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and fixed bridges are used to repair dental damage. These advanced restorations fit completely over the top of damaged or decayed teeth. A series of dental crowns can be fused together to create a fixed bridge tooth replacement prosthetic. We offer crowns and bridges custom crafted from a variety of materials to meet any oral health needs.


When necessary, we may recommend tooth extraction. This is always a last resort, since our goal is to work with patients to keep their smiles whole and healthy. However, there are some cases where removing a tooth is better for overall oral health. When this is the case, our team is proud to offer safe, comfortable tooth extractions in our Wylie, TX dental office.

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